Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick babies


My poor littlest bugger does not feel good. I hate it when my babies are sick. They just look so pathetic. I left the kids with a friend last night so that I could go watch Jon's soccer game. His game was at 9 pm, so all the kids were in bed when we left, I thought it would be such an easy babysitting night. But at a little past 10 I got a text that my ridiculously laid back baby had been screaming almost the whole time.


I still thought maybe it was just a fluke but nope, he cried off and on all night, him and I barely slept. And now it is official, he is sick. Slight fever, constant sneezing, droopy eyes and a runny nose.
I had a bunch of errands on my  to do list today but instead I am spending my day snuggling this cute bug. I love him and I hope he feels better quickly.

Oops! Wednesday: weigh in day

Yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't weigh in. 
I thought it was Thursday all day yesterday, don't ask me why.  'Cause I have no idea.  Tuesday is a very busy day for me and I even had playdates scheduled, that I went to, that I knew were scheduled for Wednesday.  But none of that stopped my silly head from thinking it was Thursday.  It wasn't until I got online and was going through my blogroll last night that I realized that it had in fact been Wednesday.  And that I had completely missed weighing in. 
So here I am, weighing in on Thursday.  Better late then never I guess.  And my current weight is...
Yep, still there, on the up and down train.  Oh well, I feel good about it this week.  I made it to level 2 of the 30 day shred and I feel good about that too.  I am going to finish this month and see where it leaves me.  Hopefully down just a little but I will take whatever comes my way.  Have a great Thursday!  I know I will because it is like I gained a whole extra day since I totally thought I already lived Thursday.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred

On Monday I started level 2 of the 30 Day Shred.  I think Jillian is trying to kill me with planks.  I was finally feeling good about level 1 and then it was time to switch it up to level 2.  I guess that is the idea, switch it up before your body gets too comfortable but oh man am I sore.  My shoulders are killing me, planks are not my friend.  I do love the ab routines in level 2 though, I can really feel them working and I feel like I can actually do them. Of course, they might be easier if I didn't have an obnoxious adorable 7 month old climbing all over me every time that I lay down to do abs, or planks.    Seriously, planks are going to be the death of me.  I can't even type planks without my shoulders cringing. 
Usually everything Jillian says during the video makes me want to hurt her but when she talks about fitting into new jeans it really motivates me.  I LOVE jeans so much and can't wait to fit into them again.  So when she says that I actually am motivated and find myself working harder. 
This is the first time I have ever done the 30 day shred and actually stepped up the levels every ten days.  The last time that I completed the 30 day shred I just did level one the whole 30 days, and I had amazing results.  I can't wait to see how this 30 days finishes.  Excitedly nervous.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Checking out the course

Sunday morning I met up with my sister in law to attempt to run the course for the Jim Click Run & Roll 3k we are signed up for on October 7.  She hasn't run outside in a long time and we both wanted to know what we were getting into.  I wish that I could attempt every course in life before attempting to complete it. Now that I know what I am getting into I feel so prepared. Does that mean that I completed the two mile course with ease, heck no, I wasn't even able to run the whole thing. Well my brain wasn't able to run the whole thing, my legs and body could have kept going but I psyched myself out a little over a mile in so we walked some then ran about a quarter mile then in my mind we still had MILES to go so I made my sister in law walk again. When I realized how close we had actually been I was annoyed with myself. We finished strong. But when I think back I have no doubt that I could have finished the whole thing non stop.  We are going to run it again next Sunday, I am excited to make myself finish it. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cookies with water

I read all the time how important water is for weight loss and people often say how they are struggling with drinking enough water.  I don't seem to have the water problem, I drink it like it is going out of style.  Maybe it is because I live in the desert and it is so unbelievably hot ALL THE TIME here.  I am rarely caught without my water bottle, I take it with me everywhere.  When I accidentally forget it I find myself going crazy needing water.  I wonder if it is as acceptable to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go in other city's, here it is expected.  People are more likely to think you are strange if you don't have a water bottle with you.  It is a staple here. 
My problem is that I like cookies with my water.  Ok, if I am being completely honest I like cookies with anything but if I drink them with water I feel like I am not cheating as horribly.  I have a serious cookie problem.  I love them.  I recently bought a batch of gourmet chocolate chunk cookies from the grocery store, reasoning to myself that they are for my husband cause he loves them.  Of course who has eaten them?  Yep, me.  I have eaten half the batch so far and I really want to eat the rest.  I have a serious problem.  When I have unhealthy food in the house I have a weird mentality. where I think that I should just go ahead and eat all of it in one sitting, that way there wont be any more for me to eat tomorrow.  Ya know, get all the bad eating over with so that I can eat better starting tomorrow, except I always end up buying more of the bad stuff.  What is my problem?  I need to learn portion control.  I guess I need to learn why I do this, what it is that makes me think that I should just finish all of it.  When I look back I am disgusted  with myself.  I need to figure out how to change but I don't even know where to start.  Huh.


This whole blogging thing is so very intimidating. 
Following blogs, having followers
I guess I never thought abouot it when I started.
 I started it as a way to help keep myself accountable.  If I write something on the internet for everyone to see then I am more likely to do whatever it is that I set out to do.  Honestly, yes it would be nice if I could somehow magically make millions off a blog but who are we kdiding. 
This whole blogging community seems really nice but scary all at the same time, I feel like the new girl in high school.  I am completely insecure.  I need to get over it, 'cause come on, I know I'm cool and everyone is going to want to be my friend.  At least, I hope so.  =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

I don't want to repeat the words that came out of my mouth when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I am up .3 pounds, I know it could be worse but I was so ready to see 178.  That's it, I wasn't even hoping to make it all the way to 177, just 178.  Stinks.  At least it was only .3, not 3 pounds.  I am working on eating better, I almost wrote cleaner but to be honest I am intimidated by "cleaner" diets.  I don't know why, I know plenty of people who are eating that way but it still intimidates me.   I might take the plunge though and figure out exactly what it means to eat clean.  I am a pretty picky eater so for all I know I already eat that way.  Chicken on a plate with a side of steamed broccoli sounds like a wonderful dinner to me.  Hopefully I will see results starting next week since I will have been doing the 30 Day Shred for over a week. 
And I am weighing in over at Roni's Weigh again.  Go check her out, she is encouraging!  I like that she wrote about being accountable no matter what.  Seriously, no one reads my little blog and I could easily stop weighing in here but I need to keep accountable no matter what.  Even if no one reads it this way I feel like somebody out there might see it and so I need to keep going even though I am really down about not loosing weight this week.  I have been running my butt of every morning and doing the 30DS for six days now so I was really thinking that the scale would reflect my hard work. 1 pound was all I was looking for, ugh, oh well. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're all in this same boat together

It kills me every time Jillian says that towards the end of the 30 day shred video.  I want to scream at her, "no, we are not in this same boat, you three are already skinny!"  It kills me!
Besides that I think that I am doing ok with the shred.  I just finished day five.  I really had to talk myself into doing the video today.  Tuesdays are my busy day, I attend a women's Bible study group on Tuesday morning.  Which means that I have to have all five of us, me and the kids, ready to go by 7:15am.  It is rough, usually I only need to worry about the two big kids, Rexy is usually still in jammas and I am most likely in stinky workout clothes.  Today went pretty well though, I actually got out of bed after the alarm went off the first time at 5 am, mainly because Rexy was up and I needed to put her back to bed for at least another hour.  Since I was up I made it out the door for my morning run, this usually gets bumped on Tuesdays so that I can sleep a little longer.  I finished two miles with only walking a little, I actually ran most of it which I was very excited about, I might make that goal of three times around the park.  But since I had so many things to do this morning I opted for a shower instead of doing the 30 Day Shred, fully knowing that I might end up not doing it today.  But I did it!  I tried really hard to talk myself out of it.  Jon was home when the kids and I all got home this afternoon so that was my first excuse to not do the video.  I hate doing a workout video when other adults are home, I feel like I am on display, I don't know, maybe I am weird.  Jon ended up leaving to a job site though so there went that excuse.  Then my brother in law asked if I could watch their kids for a little while so I thought well I can't do the video with 7 kids in the house but he didn't leave them for as long as I had thought so excuse #2 gone.  I was sitting on the couch reading books to the kids when I finally convinced myself that I had to get my big booty up and complete this thirty day mission.  And man, other then Jillian's annoying comment, I am glad that I did the workout.  I might stink now but I am that much closer to my goal.  Plus I was totally able to complete all the cardio in the final circuit.  Up until today I am wasted by the third set of cardio and feel like I am going to die but today was different.  I felt good, still exhausted but like I was stronger.  I finished strong today and am now looking forward to tomorrow. 
Back to my crazy Tuesdays, I am extremely excited about this year.  My church offers several class options through our women's ministry and I usually take the Moms class, which is awesome if you are in the Tucson area.  But this year I decided to take a different Bible study and today was our first class, I am really looking forward to digging in and learning to hear God.  I know that it is going to be awesome because we have only met twice so far and both days my car, which hasn't had any problems, acts up.  Last week my battery died while waiting for my friend who was riding with me.  Then this morning it randomly turned off while stopped waiting for a school bus.  I am sure that eventually the battery or alternator or something will need to be replaced but it seriously never gives me any problems except on Tuesday mornings, must mean the devil really doesn't want me to be there.  Can't wait to see what God has planned for every women in attendance.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey, check it out!!!

My stomach doesn't stick out past my boobs!
That is awesome!  I may not be seeing huge numbers in the weight loss department but I definitely notice a difference in size.  My pants fit a little better, which is nice, but the fact that I can look down at my feet and not see my stomach sticking out past my girls is FABULOUS!  And they are in the ridiculously ginormous category so for my stomach to be out past them was a very, very sad thing on my 5'2" tall frame. I didn't take any measurements before I started this journey, I couldn't face the tape measure.  The tape measure is worse to me then the scale, it is brutally honest, I have to stand there and look at how large around I am in different areas all over my body.  No thank you, I would rather watch the scale.  But I am almost feeling motivated to take measurements now since I can tell that I am loosing inches.  Almost. 
I am so happy!!!!
Check it out! Feet, no stomach!
 Isn't he the most adorable little bugger you have ever seen?!


Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Day Shred

I did it, I actually stopped making excuses and did my first day of the 30 day shred.  I have been planning on starting it since the beginning of July, sad right?  I have made an excuse everyday for the last what, like 60 something days.  Telling myself that I will start tomorrow, I don't want to start on the weekend, or I will start first thing Monday.  It annoys me how much I let myself make up excuses.  Anyway, I was surfing around in blog land last night and am so motivated by all of you fellow bloggers out there who are doing or have done and posted about Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I am grateful to all of you for posting about how much you despise her but feel good after cause that is how I feel, a love/hate kind of relationship.  I was actually excited to do the video this morning after reading everyone's results and looking at all the progress photos.  So I am doing it, no excuses.  I am going to let Jillian kick my butt every morning for the next 30 days.  And since I love seeing everyone elses results I am posting before photos here.  They aren't great, which I guess doesn't matter for before pics, but they are the best i could do by myself.  I tried to have Rexy, my two year old bugger, take the photo but she kept cutting my head off, weird I know, why isn't my two year old a pro with my Nikon?!  Just kidding. 
Well, now it is out there and I am accountable.  I know I will feel guilty now if I don't stick with it and post updates.  Please feel free to yell at me if I start to slack, I need it.  I am looking forward to the end results and hoping to see an all over difference, weight loss and pant size included.
My starting weight is 179, I think I might post weekly progress photos. 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

She's goin' the distance...

But not goin' for speed.
This morning I decided that instead of training by time, like I have been doing for over two months, wow, has it really been two months?  It has.  Wow.  Anyway, instead, I am going to go for distance.  My new goal is to be able to run around the park by my house three times without stopping.  It is about 3/4 of a mile around once, so three times is roughly 2 1/4 miles.  Right now I can make it around 1 1/2 times so I want to double that.  I am not to worried about time, I just want to make the distance.  Once I conquer the distance then I will work on upping my speed.  My timeframe to accomplish this goal is two weeks.  I think that it is doable, that is about adding a quarter mile every other day. I am serious about this, I can do it.

This is my serious face
This is my "oh ouch, sweat in my eye" face
With the Jim Click Run & Roll coming up in October I am feeling really motivated.  Plus this is my first race and I am petrified that I am going to show up then fall flat on my face, so I want to go in knowing that I can complete it.  The farthest I have been able to run without stopping is 2 miles, but I haven't been able to do that on a daily basis and I want to be able to before the race.  So here I go, I better get ready for more sweat in my eye. Want to join me?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

That's right, I lost weight this week!

  Now if I can make it another week with that number going down instead of up things will be good.  I think that I might throw a party when I reach 175.  I know that is not even my goal but I feel like loosing weight is such a challenge that I need to start celebrating the smaller milestones. 
On a totally different subject, I am loving watching old episodes of The Biggest Loser on Netflix.  I didn't start watching until the fifth season and now I am able to watch the first four.  Poor Jon is tired of watching.  He is good about me watching it once a week but now that I can watch whenever I want he is done.  I swear every time that he comes in the room one of the contestants are crying, it is now a joke.  I don't what it is about this show but I love watching it.  Sorry Jon, I will be all caught up soon. 

I am weighing in again over at Roni's Weigh.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A day in the life...of me!

Oh boy! A day in the life of me.  And oh what an exciting stage of life I am in right now.  Today I am linking up with Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally and Amy.  They are hosting a link party to get to know other bloggers, so I decided to join in. 
Well, my day starts with my phone alarm going off at 5:15, I wish that I could say that I jump right out of bed put on my workout clothes and head out the door, but in reality most mornings consist of my hitting the snooze button at least three times then finally rolling out of bed somewhere around 5:45 or 6. I get to wake up next to this adorable little bugger, we are co-sleepers around here so I get to nurse snuggle this cutie all night long.
  If I go for a morning run this is where it happens.  I have to be back home waking up the buggers by 6:30.  From 6:30 to 7:20 I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting lunches backed, kids dressed, and girls hair done (I HATE doing little girls hair, it is ridiculous).  After dropping the big kids off at school I usually come home and put clothes on Rexy, since of course I took her with me in her underwear to drop off the big two, am I the only one who does that?  After the little two and myself are dressed, maybe I was able to get a shower in here if Jon was still home, after we are dressed we usually run some errand now.  Like the grocery store, isn't she cute playing her sisters DS in the "monster car" shopping cart.  

It of course takes us like three hours at the grocery store so by the time we get home I make lunch and put the little two down for a nap.  While they are napping I try to fit in a workout DVD and get the house picked up before the tornado of the afternoon rolls in.  By 2:45 we are on our way to pick up the big kids, and yes, Rexy is usually in her underwear for pick up too because she undresses for nap and I wake her up to go get them, whatever, we never get out of the car.  I probably should stop doing this though, inevitably one day we will have to get out of the car.  After picking up the kids it is a whirlwind of snacks, homework, dinner prep, and refereeing.  After putting the last bugger to bed around 8, I crash on the couch and either check out blogs or veg watching TV, at the moment we are watching episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix.  So there you have it, I live a pretty exciting life I know. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

That can't be right

I am beginning to have a love hate relationship with my new phone app.  I love it when I am running along and the accented voice comes on saying current pace 11:22 per mile, I love hearing that, realizing that I am running at a faster pace then I had previously thought.  But I hate it when I feel like I have been running forever, thinking that I have to be close to a mile when that same accented voice proudly announces distance 0.3 miles 3 minutes.  Wait, what?! That can't be right.  My GPS must be broken, I know I have been running farther/longer then that, right?! 
Some days my runs feel so simple and I could keep going forever, then other days the accented voice speaks to me making me just want to give up, realizing that I am not nearly as close to being done as I thought is killer. 
 My new app is pretty cool though, I think the good things it does out weigh the discouraging things.  It is one of those apps that tracks your pace, distance, heart rate, ya know, all that jazz.  I think that I am going to say goodbye to the accented man voice though and turn the volume down so I don't know when I am only at a 0.3 mile, of course I wont know when I am running a 10 minute mile either but I am pretty sure that I will feel just as good about having accomplished that when I am finished and sitting in a nice air conditioned house looking over my stats. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The fourth bugger

This little guy is the stinking cutest thing ever.  He is officially pulling himself up on furniture.  He is so proud of himself.  I love it when babies/kids get that amazing look of pride.  I know it is silly but the way he looks is how I feel when I finish a run where I know that I gave it my all.  It takes so much hard work, I am always so proud of myself.  I am positive that I don't look anywhere close to as cute as this guy does though.  Ahhh!  This picture makes me want to go wake him up so I can squeeze him.  Well, it almost makes me want to, I think I will just go creepily stare at him while he sleeps. 


I love jeans.  I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  I would love to wear jeans every day of my life.  The problem is that I don't own one pair that actually fit me right now.  This past weekend I stuffed myself into my "fat" jeans, yes, I don't fit in my "fat" jeans.  It sucks.  I bought these size ten jeans after my third bugger.  They fit then and were my go to jeans until I lost the weight from that pregnancy.  It takes everything in me not to cry thinking about how I have gotten so overweight that I don't even fit in my "fat" jeans.  And wearing them this weekend, even though they were extremely tight and I had a horrible muffin top, even with that, I loved it.  I have been wearing yoga pants or basically any stretchy pants for 7 months now, since the fourth bugger was born.  I can't wait to get back to wearing jeans everyday.  I know I could just go out and buy a pair of jeans that fit at this size (12/14) but I just really, really don't want to.  So I am not.  I am just going to be happy with my stretchy pants until I fit into the dozen pairs of jeans that I already own.  Yep, that's right, I already own at least a dozen pairs of beautiful designer jeans.  I have a few in each size, 6, 8, and 10.  The benefits of having my friends loose weight before I do is that I get their hand-me-downs.  I LOVE hand-me-downs!  For me or the kids, I think free clothes are the best kind.  Especially when you get designer jeans that have hardly been worn.  I can't wait to wear each and every pair.  I am so happy that my friends have expensive taste.  Anyway, here is a picture of me attempting to rock my too small jeans.  Sorry the picture is so dark, not the best, my five year old bugger was my photographer.  =)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

Up from my last weigh in which sucks but I am going to move on.  I was so sick this past week it was horrible.  I said it before but man, I do not think that mothers of small children should ever have to get sick.  It stinks!  I did not workout all week due to being sick and just making up every excuse in the book.  Pathetic, I know.  But I made my fat booty get out of bed and go running this morning.  It was a nice run.  I did better then I thought that I would after not running for over a week and still having this lingering cough.  I think that running was actually good for my cough, it brought up a lot of nasty flem that had been stuck.  I am sure that it must have looked yummy seeing me run this morning, poor neighbors who opened their door to leave right as I stopped in front of their house to hack up some nasty stuff. 
Oh, I used my new phone app this morning.  That was pretty rewarding to hear my phone tell me that I was running a 10:30 minute/mile pace.  I definitely thought that I had been running at a much slower pace then that.  Super cool!  So according to the app I covered a distance of 1.82 miles this morning, I didn't run the whole thing, I ran a mile in the middle then walked and coughed the rest of it.  I mapped out a 5k in my neighborhood last week and was planning on finishing that this morning but the cough and other excuses brought me home quicker.  I plan on finishing the 5k tomorrow.  No more excuses!
I weighed in over at Roni's weigh, go check her out.