Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oops! Wednesday: weigh in day

Yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't weigh in. 
I thought it was Thursday all day yesterday, don't ask me why.  'Cause I have no idea.  Tuesday is a very busy day for me and I even had playdates scheduled, that I went to, that I knew were scheduled for Wednesday.  But none of that stopped my silly head from thinking it was Thursday.  It wasn't until I got online and was going through my blogroll last night that I realized that it had in fact been Wednesday.  And that I had completely missed weighing in. 
So here I am, weighing in on Thursday.  Better late then never I guess.  And my current weight is...
Yep, still there, on the up and down train.  Oh well, I feel good about it this week.  I made it to level 2 of the 30 day shred and I feel good about that too.  I am going to finish this month and see where it leaves me.  Hopefully down just a little but I will take whatever comes my way.  Have a great Thursday!  I know I will because it is like I gained a whole extra day since I totally thought I already lived Thursday.  

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