Thursday, September 13, 2012

She's goin' the distance...

But not goin' for speed.
This morning I decided that instead of training by time, like I have been doing for over two months, wow, has it really been two months?  It has.  Wow.  Anyway, instead, I am going to go for distance.  My new goal is to be able to run around the park by my house three times without stopping.  It is about 3/4 of a mile around once, so three times is roughly 2 1/4 miles.  Right now I can make it around 1 1/2 times so I want to double that.  I am not to worried about time, I just want to make the distance.  Once I conquer the distance then I will work on upping my speed.  My timeframe to accomplish this goal is two weeks.  I think that it is doable, that is about adding a quarter mile every other day. I am serious about this, I can do it.

This is my serious face
This is my "oh ouch, sweat in my eye" face
With the Jim Click Run & Roll coming up in October I am feeling really motivated.  Plus this is my first race and I am petrified that I am going to show up then fall flat on my face, so I want to go in knowing that I can complete it.  The farthest I have been able to run without stopping is 2 miles, but I haven't been able to do that on a daily basis and I want to be able to before the race.  So here I go, I better get ready for more sweat in my eye. Want to join me?

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