Monday, September 24, 2012

Checking out the course

Sunday morning I met up with my sister in law to attempt to run the course for the Jim Click Run & Roll 3k we are signed up for on October 7.  She hasn't run outside in a long time and we both wanted to know what we were getting into.  I wish that I could attempt every course in life before attempting to complete it. Now that I know what I am getting into I feel so prepared. Does that mean that I completed the two mile course with ease, heck no, I wasn't even able to run the whole thing. Well my brain wasn't able to run the whole thing, my legs and body could have kept going but I psyched myself out a little over a mile in so we walked some then ran about a quarter mile then in my mind we still had MILES to go so I made my sister in law walk again. When I realized how close we had actually been I was annoyed with myself. We finished strong. But when I think back I have no doubt that I could have finished the whole thing non stop.  We are going to run it again next Sunday, I am excited to make myself finish it. 

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