Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

That's right, I lost weight this week!

  Now if I can make it another week with that number going down instead of up things will be good.  I think that I might throw a party when I reach 175.  I know that is not even my goal but I feel like loosing weight is such a challenge that I need to start celebrating the smaller milestones. 
On a totally different subject, I am loving watching old episodes of The Biggest Loser on Netflix.  I didn't start watching until the fifth season and now I am able to watch the first four.  Poor Jon is tired of watching.  He is good about me watching it once a week but now that I can watch whenever I want he is done.  I swear every time that he comes in the room one of the contestants are crying, it is now a joke.  I don't what it is about this show but I love watching it.  Sorry Jon, I will be all caught up soon. 

I am weighing in again over at Roni's Weigh.  

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