Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

Up from my last weigh in which sucks but I am going to move on.  I was so sick this past week it was horrible.  I said it before but man, I do not think that mothers of small children should ever have to get sick.  It stinks!  I did not workout all week due to being sick and just making up every excuse in the book.  Pathetic, I know.  But I made my fat booty get out of bed and go running this morning.  It was a nice run.  I did better then I thought that I would after not running for over a week and still having this lingering cough.  I think that running was actually good for my cough, it brought up a lot of nasty flem that had been stuck.  I am sure that it must have looked yummy seeing me run this morning, poor neighbors who opened their door to leave right as I stopped in front of their house to hack up some nasty stuff. 
Oh, I used my new phone app this morning.  That was pretty rewarding to hear my phone tell me that I was running a 10:30 minute/mile pace.  I definitely thought that I had been running at a much slower pace then that.  Super cool!  So according to the app I covered a distance of 1.82 miles this morning, I didn't run the whole thing, I ran a mile in the middle then walked and coughed the rest of it.  I mapped out a 5k in my neighborhood last week and was planning on finishing that this morning but the cough and other excuses brought me home quicker.  I plan on finishing the 5k tomorrow.  No more excuses!
I weighed in over at Roni's weigh, go check her out.

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