Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday: weigh in day and Before & Afters

Wow, I have been slacking.
I haven't done a weigh in Wednesday in a couple weeks. 
Well, today I am weighing in at 171 lbs.
Yep, still there but that's ok, I have noticed changes in my body and my clothes are fitting better.
Someday the scale will move and I will love it but for now, whatever.
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Now onto the good can't believe I am posting these part.
Last year on March 20, I took some before pictures.
Looking back I wish that I had taken them with a shirt on but I remember feeling like it didn't look as bad with clothes on so I wanted to remember just how awful I looked and felt.
And man was I good at not having my picture taken, trust me, I looked through a ton of pictures to see if I could find just a regular picture to compare to now so that you all didn't have to be tortured but no such luck.
Now, a year later, honestly I am not where I wanted to be but I also didn't put in as much hard work as I should have. 
Can't expect great change if I eat ice cream and chocolate almost everyday. 
I have come a long way though and am proud of what I have accomplished over the year.
When I started last march I could not run for even half a mile. 
Now I can run for over an hour and still feel good at the end.
Just last weekend I finished a 5k in 36:13.
I remember the first time I ran a whole 5k without walking, it took me almost 50 minutes.
Since last March I have lost almost 20 pounds.
I wish that I had taken measurements then but I just couldn't face those numbers at the time.
I went from a size 16 to a now comfortable size 12. 
I have a lot of fun races lined up for this next year and I hope that my post on March 20, 2014, will be about how great I feel at goal weight. 
I still can't believe that I am posting these for everyone to see.
Please be kind.
                              Before March 20, 2012                         During March 20, 2013

Can we just focus on the side shot cause that is the friendliest one. 
Ick, I can't believe I am going to hit publish. 
I'm throwing in a picture of my adorable baby and a little bit of my scruffy man just cause I love them.

 This picture was right after we cut the baby buggers hair.
Thanks for reading!
I am gonna go workout now, pictures are such great motivation to get my butt moving.
Operation Red Bikini here I come!

Monday, March 18, 2013

St Pattys day

Yesterday I ran the Race for the Cure 5k.
My goal for the race was to finish in under 36 minutes.
Well, I didn't make my goal but I came pretty stinkin close.
My official time was 36:13!
I wa so excited.
My previous 5k PR was around 39 minutes so I am super happy with 36:13.
Next weekend is my triathlon, I dont feel as nervous as I think I should.
I have been swimming and running but I haven't even gotten on my bike yet.
I hope I remember how to even ride.
I really need to practice a couple times this week.
My goal for the tri is to just finish.
I would love to run the entire 5k but I am afraid that I might be exhausted after swimming 800 yards and biking 12 miles.
So finishing is my number one priority.
I better get training.
This is Melinda and me at the start line.
It was a fun race, with a ton of great free goodies.
That blueish greenish shirt was the closest thing I own to green. 
And I didn't have any beer this St. Pattys day.
Kinda sad.
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Womens 5k

I had such a nice weekend.
First one in a long time where the kids didn't have anything on their schedule.
Melinda, my SIL, and I ran in a women's only 5k on Sunday.
I was so stinkin nervous about this run.
The course starts on a downhill and the rest was basically all uphill, there were two small flat stretches but they were very short. 
My official time was 40:02.
I could have done better but oh well.
I am not upset with my time, I mean there were a lot of hills.
We had fun even though there was supposed to be Lululemon schwag but I didn't manage to get any.
Oh, I almost forgot, I signed up for a Southern Arizona Road Runners membership at the race.
Know what that means?!
I am an official runner.
I even said that to the ridiculously fit pregnant girl who had just kicked my butt in the 5k.
She gave me a pretty good chuckle then agreed that that definitely made me a runner.
Oh Friday, after packet pick up Melinda and I stopped by the Nike outlet.
I went in looking for some new carpi's but came out with a new pair of shoes.
Last week when I had tried on shoes at Fleet Feet they had recommended two different pairs.
Brooks Ghost 5, which I bought that day, and Nike Pegasus, which I hadn't bought just because everyone seems to love the brooks so I wanted to try them.
Anyway, while at the Nike Outlet I found a pair of the Nike's for only $60 so I decided that I just had to have them.
So now I have two pairs of brand new running shoes, I love buying shoes!

Look how cute the tech shirt from this race was.
Plus it perfectly matches my new Brooks.
Race 3 of my 13 in 2013 done!
Happy Monday!