Friday, September 7, 2012

That can't be right

I am beginning to have a love hate relationship with my new phone app.  I love it when I am running along and the accented voice comes on saying current pace 11:22 per mile, I love hearing that, realizing that I am running at a faster pace then I had previously thought.  But I hate it when I feel like I have been running forever, thinking that I have to be close to a mile when that same accented voice proudly announces distance 0.3 miles 3 minutes.  Wait, what?! That can't be right.  My GPS must be broken, I know I have been running farther/longer then that, right?! 
Some days my runs feel so simple and I could keep going forever, then other days the accented voice speaks to me making me just want to give up, realizing that I am not nearly as close to being done as I thought is killer. 
 My new app is pretty cool though, I think the good things it does out weigh the discouraging things.  It is one of those apps that tracks your pace, distance, heart rate, ya know, all that jazz.  I think that I am going to say goodbye to the accented man voice though and turn the volume down so I don't know when I am only at a 0.3 mile, of course I wont know when I am running a 10 minute mile either but I am pretty sure that I will feel just as good about having accomplished that when I am finished and sitting in a nice air conditioned house looking over my stats. 

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