Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey, check it out!!!

My stomach doesn't stick out past my boobs!
That is awesome!  I may not be seeing huge numbers in the weight loss department but I definitely notice a difference in size.  My pants fit a little better, which is nice, but the fact that I can look down at my feet and not see my stomach sticking out past my girls is FABULOUS!  And they are in the ridiculously ginormous category so for my stomach to be out past them was a very, very sad thing on my 5'2" tall frame. I didn't take any measurements before I started this journey, I couldn't face the tape measure.  The tape measure is worse to me then the scale, it is brutally honest, I have to stand there and look at how large around I am in different areas all over my body.  No thank you, I would rather watch the scale.  But I am almost feeling motivated to take measurements now since I can tell that I am loosing inches.  Almost. 
I am so happy!!!!
Check it out! Feet, no stomach!
 Isn't he the most adorable little bugger you have ever seen?!


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