Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I don't know

 I haven't blogged in forever. 
Pretty sure it doesn't bother anyone, I just needed a little break. 
Plus my kids had last week off of school, we get Rodeo vacation here in southern Arizona.
We go and watch the Tucson Rodeo Parade every year, we have done this since I was a little kid.
I think it is the largest or one of the largest non-motorized parades in the country.
The kids I love seeing all of the beautiful horses and carriages.
The marching bands are also a favorite. 
My husband took a million kids my older two kids and both of my nephews camping the last part of the week. 
I am sure that they had a great time but the prep work involved for me is exhausting. 
I had to drive to phoenix and back (2 hours each way) to pick up one of my nephews.
Then after the camping trip I made the trip again to drop him off.
But he had a great time and my kids got to spend some time with their cousins so it was worth it.
I just felt like the break from having to get up and get everyone ready for school wasn't actually a break.
I plan on doing absolutely nothing over spring break, no driving.
Oh, also, it SNOWED here last week.
That is just crazy to me, I watched it and played in it and I still feel like it didn't actually happen.
I have lived here my entire life and can count the times it has snowed on one hand. 
And it wasn't a little bit of snow, it was a good amount that stuck and was still on the ground when we woke up the next morning.
Pretty exciting.
On my fitness front I am doing a 30 day Jillian Michaels challenge with a bunch of other bloggers and IG'ers.
So far so good, we are on day 3.
I was really sore yesterday but not so bad today. 
I haven't been running as much as I should, I don't like cold weather.
Plus my new Asics that I thought that I liked, I don't like. 
My toes go numb while running, it is a really weird feeling and I get occasional shin pain when running in them. 
I like them for JM though, and zumba just not running.
So I am keeping them for other workouts.
I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted today for a different pair of running shoes.
I had gone to a different store for this but runners I know here in town told me that I should go to Fleet Feet, that they trusted them more then the other place. 
So I went there and they measured so much more things then the other store had and I felt like they actually new what they were talking about.
So I ended up buying Brooks Ghost 5. 
I think a few of you use these and said you like them in that shoe link up from a while ago.
Hopefully I will love them too. 
All right, I think I bored you enough for today. 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Color Me Rad plus my weigh in

Lets get the weigh in out of the way. 
This morning I weighed in at 170.2 lbs.
So close to the 160's!!

I ran my 2nd race out of my 13 in 2013 races on Sunday, my first was a virtual 5k that I forgot to blog about, sorry.
On Sunday I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k race with my SIL, Melinda, and my friend Diana.
It was a lot of fun!
The weather was perfect for running, it was the perfect amount of cold where you are cold at first but once you start running you feel perfect. 
Not hot or cold.
Ok, I am new to this running thing so I need someone who is experienced to tell me. 
Is it normal for a 5k to actually be 4 miles long?!!
I just wasn't mentally prepared to run four miles, I have done it before but I was going at a little bit of a faster pace so that I could finish the 3.1 miles strong. 
Which I did, I don't know the time cause I didn't think to look I was so focused on the fact that the finish line wasn't even in sight. 
I almost made the whole thing running, I stopped for about 20 feet around mile 3.5.
My running app said that we went 3.98 miles. 
So, is that normal? A 5k being 4 miles?
I may have jumped before I was supposed, what can I say, I was afraid I would miss it.
I am the nerd in the middle.
Other then the distance (we still had a 12:35 min/mile pace not bad for me) the race went really well.
I was a little nervous that the color powder would bug me but it wasn't horrible, the liquid version that they sprayed on us was a little cold though. 
It was a lot of fun, I would recommend giving it a try if you have one in your area.
Be prepared though, a lot of people walk this race so our course was very tight.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The weekend

I had an awesome birthday weekend, two weekends ago, I know, bad blogger.
I had a great time celebrating with my friends.
We went to dinner at Mongolian BBQ, it was as delicious as I remember.
We had a lot of fun just chatting. 
We went and got some self serve frozen yogurt after dinner, which didn't disappoint.
Photo: Happy Birthday Becca
Two of my best friends and I wanted to do one of those photos where you are in the same pose over time.
 So we picked one from high school and decided to do that pose once every ten years.
 We thought that way we would remember when we are all 40 to take another one.
 Here are the two so far.

I think we were 16
Here we are all 30
 I had a great birthday!

Not much happened last week, possibly why I didn't blog.
This past weekend was also fun.
Another one of my friends was turning 30 so we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
The company was great but I really felt like the food was so so, if I am going to pay $16 for a pasta dish I want it to be good. 
The ice cream was amazing though, maybe due to the fact that all of their ice cream was alcoholic. ;)

Then yesterday I ran the Color Me Rad race.
It was fun, I am going to do another post tomorrow about it since this is already pretty long. 
Thanks for hanging in there.

Lastly, Holly and Kristen are having an amazing giveaway because they are so popular and reached 1000 followers so head over there are enter!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Wowza, I'm 30

Today I turned thirty!
I thought about doing a cool list of 30 things I want to do in my 30th year like Darci and Kyra did but I am lame and couldn't think of 30 things.  So oh well.
I am going to dinner tomorrow night with some friends to celebrate, Mongolian BBQ!!
Then on Sunday I am meeting my sister early to run to the gym, once there we are going to go to a Zumba class. 
We use to take Zumba classes together all the time before she upped and moved to Phoenix.
After Zumba my whole family is meeting us for breakfast, my gym has a restaurant that serves some killer breakfast.
We are not going to celebrate just my birthday but also my adorable baby bugger's birthday, he turned one last Tuesday.
Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!!!
And because we live in Arizona where the weather is pretty perfect I think that we are going to swim for a little while after breakfast. 
They heat the pools and the jacuzzi has been calling my name for a while now. 
Can't wait, should be a great weekend. 
Also, thanks for all the support with my weight loss, I really appreciate all of you!
You rock!
I am going to keep at it with the healthy eating, I think I might feed all the ice cream to the kids tomorrow so that it isn't tempting me anymore. 
Oh and on the 10th I am running in the Color Me Rad run. 
I am really excited!
Melinda, my SIL, and a couple of our friends are all running it together.
It should be a lot of fun.
Almost forgot, I am also going to run a virtual 5k tomorrow. 
 I signed up to do 13 in 2013 (races) so after the color run I will have two done and 11 to go. 
Hope you all have a great weekend