Friday, August 31, 2012


Why do I always feel like running the night before my morning run?  Here I am sitting on the couch watching a tv show with Jon thinking about how I can't wait to go running in the morning.  Of course, most likely come morning I will roll over and moan about not wanting to get up.  Very rarely do I wake up still having those same exciting thoughts about running.  I really do hope that tomorrow I wake up that way, I haven't run all week and I would love to get in one good run this week.  Maybe finish a 3k, why a 3k?  Well, because my sister in law and I signed up to run a 3k on October 7th.  My sister in law has been having some trouble with her leg during our couch potatoe to 5k training and she was getting really nervous about running our A Mountain 5k.  So when my friend Linette sent me an invite to join her works team at the Jim Click Run & Roll event I invited my sister in law.  I had a feeling that this race might be a better starter race for us.  It is a flat course and a shorter race, being only a 3k instead of a 5k.  My sis in law was so excited about the change that we registered right away so there was no backing out.  I am excited.  I am happy to start with a 3k over a 5k, not that it makes a huge difference for me for nerves since I am running the 3k on October 7, then running the 5k portion of a triathlon on October 14.  I know, my first races ever and they are a week apart, I am probably crazy.  But I am really looking forward to it!!!
Want to try out a race?  Come join us at the Jim Click Run & Roll.  

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