Wednesday, August 29, 2012

stupid cold & Wednesday: weigh in day

I have got a stupid cold.  I hate being sick.  I think that if you are a mother with small children you shouldn't be able to get sick.  It is just cruel.  Here I am feeling like crud and the kids of course feel fine.  How am I supposed to rest and get better when I still have four little ones who need me.  Seriously unfair. 
Ok, I am done whining. 
Today is Wednesday, weigh in day, but I am not weighing in.  I am taking a week to be sick.  I haven't felt good since Monday.  I went for a run Monday but didn't make it very far cause I just felt crummy.  I haven't made it since then.  I don't feel good.  I am hoping this week goes by quickly and I get back to feeling good.  My family and my house sure takes a hit when I am sick.  Ugh. 

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