Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet vacation

Every second of this trip as been relaxing so far.  We didn't get in until late Friday night so we all slept in on Saturday which was amazing, even the baby slept in.  Then we walked down the beach to the pier and ate breakfast at Ruby's Diner.  On the way back the William and Jordan couldn't wait any longer and whole heartily ran into the ocean fully clothed.  Rexy is our cleaner, I wouldn't say she is clean but cleaner then the others, anyway, she did not like the idea of getting her clothes wet so she waited until we reached our condo and changed.  Which the condo is only a 5-10 minute walk from the pier, tells you how excited the kids were that they couldn't wait.  I think that we swam and played in the sand all day Saturday, it was wonderful.  This morning we headed to Costco to stock up for the rest of the trip.  I love Costco, I don't know what it is about that store but I LOVE going there.  And for some reason venturing to a Costco other then the one I normally go to is even more exciting.  We got salmon, trout, and a steak that were already seasoned to that we didn't have to worry about buying seasoning.  Then we grabbed a ton of fruits and veggies to have around to munch on.  I got all the ingredients for yummy smoothies. 

We are about to head out to the beach again for probably the entire afternoon.  Well, the big kids will be out the entire afternoon.  Jon and I have to take turns staying with the little ones and letting them get their naps in so they aren't super cranky. 

I wish that I could say that I have gotten up and gone running every morning so far but I can't, I haven't even gotten my tennis shoes out of the truck.  I am going to attempt to fit a run in this evening, I know, what a lame thing to say, attempt, like if our schedule is super busy here.

   Playing on the beach, you can see Jon and Jordan in the ocean.

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