Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slow and steady right?

I have had to slow my pace down in order to complete this weeks run schedule.  I feel like it is a bit extreme but when I tried to finish the set on Monday going at the 10 minute per mile ish pace I had been doing I wasn't able to complete it.  This morning I slowed the pace, slow and steady right?  It did the trick, maybe I will be able to up it a little bit on Friday.  Or should I just keep working at it at the slower pace?  I don't know which method is a better choice.  I guess any way I can complete the set is good. 

I am feeling very unmotivated lately.  I wish that I could see more results but I know I just need to keep going.  I am going to start counting calories again.  I don't eat horribly but I need to shape it up and if I am keeping a food journal and counting calories I usually eat a lot better.  Can't even lie to myself if I have to write it down where I can look back at it tomorrow. 

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