Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My first real race

Man, I had every intention of posting this first thing Monday morning but Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and now almost all of Wednesday have come and gone and I still haven't posted.  This week has been nuts, fall break at the kids school equals a busy time for me. 
Back to the run. 
This past Sunday I ran in a fun run 3k.  I was super nervous and my only goal, which I am pretty sure I mentioned before, was to run this nonstop.  I didn't care what my time was, well, we should say that I never verbalized that I cared what my time was.  I had a number in my head that I really, REALLY wanted to beat but I guess I didn't want to get greedy and I knew that just being able to run the whole thing was going to be hard enough. 
 Well guess what?!!! 
Not only was I able to run the whole 3k, pretty easily I might add, but I beat the number in my head, which was 24 minutes.  That's right!  Melinda, my sister in law, and I were able to finish in 23 minutes and 20 seconds.
Sorry about all the bold caps but I am pretty excited about our time.  We had done some "checkin' out the course" runs and had finished in about 26 minutes.  And I had been running at about a 13/14 minute mile when jogging in the mornings, I am by no means a fast runner.  I really didn't think that I was going to be able to knock off 2 minutes.  2 minutes!!  Ok, I'm done now. 
Here is a picture of Melinda and I after the race.
Jon isn't the best photographer, but I love him anyways
  Jon and the kids came out to support us but they completely missed us finish.  Oh well, maybe next time. Since there will definitely be a next time.  I am running the 5k portion of a relay triathlon this coming Sunday with some friends.  I hope that race goes as well as last weekends.  

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