Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

Well, sadly I am back up to 179.  But it was 179.0 so that was kind of fun.  Not sure why but it made me happy having the point 0. 
I have been in a slump this week and I want out of it so I decided that I am going to make a calender and schedule all of my workouts on it.  Then I am going to put it up on the fridge so that I will see it everyday several times a day.  Hopefully this will help me be more motivated to accomplish the workouts.  I think it will cause I love getting to cross things off lists, silly I know but it just makes me so happy to cross things off that I think I will do the workout just to cross it off the list.  Who knows, maybe if I miss a day I will do a double workout the next day so I can cross off both workouts.  
Plus I started a fitness challenge today and I have an awesome group of ladies on my team working towards winning prizes for our weight loss, talk about motivation.  I love it when people are depending on me cause I hate to disappoint.  I lost so much weight when I used to have to meet my friend, Linette, for our daily workouts, I couldn't not show up cause I might disappoint.  So I am excited to step on the scale next week.  Maybe I will actually hit that 175.  

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