Sunday, October 14, 2012

I finished

Well, I finished my first 5k.
It was horrible!
The way I felt during the run and my time, 42 minutes and 21 seconds.
Ugh. I had thought if I did poorly I would get a time around 36 or 37 minutes not 42! Oh well, I did run more then I walked so that is good. I guess it just gives me a time to beat next time.
Man, I just had really hoped for a little better. I can list all my excuses for why I ran so horribly (didn't feel good Saturday, was up for a little over an hour with a sick baby the night before) but I don't want to use those to feel better. Fact is I ran slow and I walked, which doesn't usually bother me. I made it through the first mile ok but at about a mile and a half my shin started hurting so badly. I have never had that much shin pain. That is what started my walking, my shin. I should thank the kind of crazy older lady that I ended up walking next to for getting me running again.  She started out by just encouraging me, saying it was ok to walk, but she went a little to far, ended up saying I was her hero because I was out there walking. I know she meant well but it really sucked having her tell me that, more discouraging then encouraging, am I the only one who would feel like that?  Of course, she didn't stop at that, she kept on talking and it got strange, I don't think I even said more then two words the whole conversation.  At one point we went past one of the volunteers, you know the ones who are suppose to cheer you on, and he yelled at us that there is no walking in triathlons, she was pissed! Started yelling at me about how he probably has never even done a tri before, oh did I mention that she was telling me all this while walking backwards, yep backwards, because when she first started talking to me apparently I had slowed her down so she said keep it up and that she was going to walk faster now cause she had people waiting for her, that was ok with me but then she turned around and just started going on and on, I honestly don't even remember most of what she said, it didn't make much sense. I guess I can't really explain how strange it was, it was weird. So if her goal was to get me to start running again just in order to get away from her it worked.  That rant may have sounded bad, sorry, way to go lady for being out there at all, I really am impressed by you doing the whole tri not just a relay, I hope when I am your age I am still doing these events.   
After running to get away from crazy I made it about a half a mile before walking again.  I walked about half a mile, ran half a mile, walked half a mile all the way back.  I probably would have walked more but my awesome friend Linette, found me and ran the last bit with me, pushing me to go faster.  So I finished wanting to die strong. 
All in all the tri was a good experience.
And now I know what it feels like to run/walk a 5k. 
The girls on my relay team did great!  Diana started us off with a fantastic swim, barely missed her PR by like 18 seconds.  Then Melanie completed her first ever bike race and I ended the tri with my cruddy 5k run. 
 I had a lot of fun watching everyone and getting to hang out with some of my favorite people. 
Diana, Linette, and I decided that we are gong to train and individually complete the entire triathlon in March 2013.  We will all be 30 then and thought that would make it even more fun.  Why would being 30 make it more fun?  I don't know but I am going with it.  =)

Linette, Me, Diana, and Melonie

Even with my HORRIBLE time I am really excited to run another 5k. 
Linette just texted me, It's a baseline for improvement!
So, here's to improvement.


  1. you are awesome! i dont think i could even do a 5k. you will finish with a better time in march just make sure to train!just stay strong you can accomplish anything you put your mind and hesrt to!

  2. Congrats girl! Don't be discouraged! Everyone has to start somewhere. You will be able to cut your time with just a little practice, good luck and keep it up!

  3. You are hilarious. I would have run just to get away from the crazy lady, too.