Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My sister excepted a position as a law clerk in Phoenix today.  I find myself sad but excited for her.  And jealous, jealous of the change that their family is getting to go through.  I don't know why but I have been craving change lately.  We have a great life and everything is good right now but there is something inside me that is yearning for change.  I can't explain it exactly.  I can't even really understand it myself.  I just feel unsettled, like there is something else for us.  I have been praying about it a lot. I don't know.  We have a nice house, it is completely torn apart still but slowly getting put back together, maybe I am just wanting a complete home, but I don't think so.  I love our house and am excited to be transforming it ourselves.  I would be sad to move.  I love the kids school but find myself thinking maybe I should switch them to the one in our neighborhood, we could walk to school, save money on gas, but the kids school has a great community of Christians which is awesome in a public school.  Plus the Spanish program they are in is great, they are learning so much and being bilingual is such an asset now a days.  Our church is wonderful, I definitely feel like that is where God wants us right now. 
I don't know, maybe it is just that I am jealous.  But it feels so much deeper then that.  I don't know, maybe God is preparing my heart for something.  Maybe it will be something minuscule.  But maybe not.  Maybe there is some big change coming up.  

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