Monday, October 29, 2012

Another 5k

This weekend seemed to pass by so stinking fast. 
Saturday was full of soccer games, baby showers, family, family, and more family.  Sunday was surprisingly filled with, wait for! 
I also ran the Run Like Hell 5k yesterday.  It was a lot of fun people watching checking out all of the different costumes.  Melinda and I went dressed as pirates and sadly this is the best picture I got of us.  Sorry.
This race took place at 5pm and it was much hotter then it has been all week, way hotter then when I usually run.  Actually, I felt pretty good on this run, I could have run this whole thing but it was more important to complete it with Melinda.  I really enjoyed chatting with her the whole run.  I don't know what our time was because this was an untimed fun run, but I think I will be ready to run another timed event in the next couple weeks.  I can definitely tell a difference in my stamina from just a few weeks ago to now, I feel like I am actually accomplishing something with running.  It is exciting!  Makes me really look forward to all of my runs scheduled for this week. 
Did anyone else run a 5k this weekend? 

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  1. I did a 5k Sunday! It was SO fun seeing all of the costumes! I wish I had dressed up.