Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can't get enough

I can't get enough of this baby!
He is adorable!
He will be 9 months this weekend, it has gone by too quickly. He is going to be walking running everywhere before I know it. He has the sweetest personality, I love it!  God could not have given me a more perfect fourth child, He definitely knew what He was doing when He placed this babe in our family. My Benjamin baby steals the heart of  pretty much everyone he meets. We are having dinner at my dads house tonight to celebrate my sister being sworn in to the Arizona state bar, that's right my sister is amazing! She completed law school while still being an incredible mother to three young children.  She rocks, except that she just moved to Phoenix, that part about her sort of stinks.  
 Anyway, while in my dads jungle, that is what all the grand kids call his backyard because it actually has grass and greenery, I snapped these picture of little Benny chasing me down for a kiss.  Sorry they are such cruddy quality, I took them with my crappy phone.
 Prepare for your hearts to be stolen.


I don't know what it is about a baby in a hoody jacket but it melts my heart.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my word... the picture of him munchin on your cheek is priceless and he is beautiful, because he is still young enough to be beautiful! ;-)

    And HUGE props to your sister/mother.... ummmm out go my excuses when I think I have too much going on!