Monday, October 15, 2012

Over it

Over it, yep, I am over my horrible time and ready to move on.  Just needed a day I guess. 
Oh, I forgot to mention the funniest part about the crazy lady from the 5k.  After running to get away from her I yelled, "my shin is killing me and I ended up next to a crazy lady" to my friends as I went past.  They yelled something back but since I was actually running at that point I missed what they said.  When I finished the race Diana asked, very concerned, "so what happened? A crazy lady kicked you in the shin?!"  Hahaha!  I almost died it was so funny.  I can't believe I forgot to mention that part.  Oops. 
Anyway, like I said, I am over the crazy lady run.  Melinda has already talked me in to signing up for another 5k at the end of the month, a costume one so we will see how that goes. 
Getting up tomorrow and planning on finishing my normal 2 mile route. 
Should be fun, right? 
Here is a picture of my adorable sick bugger.  I swear he has been sick for over a month.  I took him into the doctor again today, they are starting him on antibiotics finally, I felt like he needed them last week.  Hopefully he starts feeling better right away cause I love him but I really would like to sleep at night again.


  1. Can I tell you I fear illnesses for what they do to my sweet ones sleep patterns. AWFUL! I hope he feels better and sleep improves soon. How does that work when you get NO sleep and have other kiddos to care for?

    Oh and PLEASE take pics of the costume 5K. How fun!

  2. Aww its the worst when the kids are sick, but dang he looks cute :)