Monday, January 21, 2013

Nice and relaxing

My weekend was very low key, the kids had no soccer games this weekend. 
 It was so nice to have a break from soccer. 
We went to dinner with family Friday night, William spent the night with my sister in law and Jordan spent the night with my mom so we ended up with just the two little kids at home. 
 It was great, they went to bed early so Jon and I were able to just hang out and relax together. 
Then Saturday we all slept in until 7!!
  Yes, that is an amazing feat in my house. 
 I got in a nice 1.5 mile run outside, the weather has changed and is back to being just beautiful outside. 
 We didn't do anything else all day Saturday, just hung around, it was so nice. 
Sundays are my long run days which I always plan to do outdoors, it was beautiful weather again.  Melinda, my SIL, went with me. 
 I was scheduled for a 3.5 mile run, I was a little nervous cause I haven't been doing really well with my longer runs. 
 So I told Melinda that we were just going to go really, really slow and try to finish at least 3 miles. 
My stupid smart dumb, pain in my butt phone couldn't find a GPS signal so we ended up just running as long as we could hoping that we would get close to 3 miles. 
 I hadn't set a route because I thought we would just go until we hit a mile and a half then turn back towards my house. 
Well, we ended up doing great, we thought that we had only ran about 2 miles but when I drove it we actually had gone 2.8 miles!
  I was so excited because we had actually paced ourselves so nicely and could have kept going but we had already extended it to loop past my house once so we thought we were good to stop. 
 If I had known we were so close to the 3 miles I would have finished it, heck I felt so good I might have even finished the whole 3.5. 
 I was really impressed with my endurance, we finished the 2.8 miles in 35 minutes, not too bad.  After I was feeling so good and I wanted to go to sports authority so I talked her into running there with me, it is only .4 miles from my house so it wasn't really far but since we ran there and back we got in another almost full mile. 
 It was a pretty nice morning. 
I spent the afternoon putting together this dome climber that my mom had gotten for her backyard, it was a lot of work and my thumb hurts from tightening all of the bolts.  But it was totally worth it cause the kids spent a good hour on it after I finished and they only stopped cause it was time to go home.  This is a great outdoor toy if you are looking for some sort of jungle gym. 
I am off to get some swimming in this morning, then we are playing at the park.
How was your weekend?


  1. wow, way to go on the long run!

    Where do you find this jungle gym? Looks like fun for the kids!