Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday weigh in

Hey new and old followers, it is fun having so many followers!!
Thanks for following everybody!
(do you think I said the word follower enough yet?)

So I know I am late with this post today but the day just got away from me, better late then never right?

I decided that since I already weigh in on Wednesdays I might as well jump in with everyone else and link up with Erin and Alex. 

I am not going to lie, I really wanted to see a bigger loss this week. 
I actually put in the effort, I mean a friend brought ice cream over on Sunday and left it in MY freezer and guess what?!  It is still there!!
Yep, you read that right, I did not devour that carton the second my friend left.
This is a ginormous step for me, ice cream is my weakness.
And I didn't eat it!!!
Well, even with all my healthy food choices this week I am only down one pound.
I know that I should be happy that I lost at all and normally I am but man.
I just feel discouraged, like if I am only going to lose a pound whether I eat whatever I want or make healthy choices then why wouldn't I eat all the ice cream I can find!
So this week I am weighing in at 172.8 lbs. 
Down exactly one pound from last week. 
I am going to keep at it though, that ice cream is just going to sit in my freezer, it won't win.

I just noticed this was my 100th post, cool!!


  1. One pound is great!! and great job resisting the ice cream! My friend came over with IBC Root beer and left 2 in my fridge... I did drink one but I'm saving the other for a time when I can't live without it! hahah! great job this week!

  2. Whoooo hooooo about your pound AND your 100th post!!!!! Don't get down about it only being 1 lb, or do & then use that as motivation to work harder in your workouts. But seriously, when you lose slowly it makes it easier to keep it off. I've been sick with the flu so I didn't link up with this like I want to, but we can all do this, together!

  3. Just keep going girl and the scale will catch up, I promise! Thanks so much for linking up!


  5. New reader here! :)

    I find it hard to see "only" a one pound loss on the scale on weeks when I've worked my butt off, too. I feel like we should get calories subtracted from our total intake at the end of the day for things we resisted (especially when they're just sitting in our freezer begging to be eaten!) because honestly, that's the hardest part!

    Great job with the ice cream - that's my weakness, too!

  6. Just keep working at it! You're so close to the 160's!!! Remember the non-scale victories you are probably having too. They are just as important!

  7. All those ones add up! Congratulations on the loss and the 100th post!! : )

  8. A pound is a pound! Way to go :) And awesome on the ice cream. I'm the kinda girl that if it's there, I'll eat it. I'm doing alright for now because I'm off the sugar and so hardcore about it but ice cream...mmmmm. aha. So way to go, lady!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss girl!!