Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running gear link up


Today I am linking up with Laura and Mel (I love them!) for a running gear link up. 
I don't really have any amazing running gear, I wish I did.
 I check prices over and over again hoping to one day have a fancy pancy garmin watch but alas, I have none. 
My one favorite running item that I have decided that I could not live without are my compression capris from old navy. 
They are amazing!
 They are so comfortable.  They stay in place at all times.  They are just all around wonderful.
 I feel like I could fly in them. 
Since having run in them now when I wear other pants/capris to run I feel sluggish, I know it sounds silly but that is the only difference between the runs. 
I am so in love with my capris that I am planning on going and buying another pair just in case old navy decides to stop carrying them. 
I love them that much.

 Can't wait to see what other gear I need be on the lookout for.


  1. YAY - thank you so much for linking up - I have heard awesome things about these Old Navy compression capri's - I may have to check out their selection. Thanks again:)

  2. Thank you for linking up!!! I have some Nike crapris and love them so much! They don't dig into my fat and they don't slide down. I'm still hoping for a garmin soon too. = (

  3. I'm exactly like you, constantly looking for a sale price on a Garmin and never finding it low enough for me to pull the trigger. I'm pretty sold on my Target workout gear, but this link up has gotten me thinking about upgrading now..

  4. I loved my ON compression pants until one of the threads came loose. Now they are unraveling at my ankle. SO sad!