Friday, January 25, 2013

Big giveaway day!

Hey hey, it's Lora's big giveaway day!! 
If you don't read Lora's blog Raising Steppe Sisters then do it now!
Man, she sure has put together one awesome giveaway. 
I am very excited and nervous to have all of you new followers. 
I love new friends, now I might actually have to be accountable to what I put out there, not that I wasn't before but more followers for some reason seems like more accountability. 
But that is good, so yeah! 
Anyway, if your new here, welcome!
I am Becca, actually some of my old followers might not even know my name, I really need to get one of those cool signatures for the bottom of my posts, I think I might do a blog overhaul this weekend. 
Sorry, back to it, I am Becca, I have four adorable yet crazy kids, one ruggedly handsome husband, and I am going to be turning the big 3 0 next Friday. 
I woke up this morning really wanting to do a vlog but every time that I started the baby decided to cry.  I don't know, maybe you will get one tomorrow or next week. 
I blog mostly about my weight loss progress but sometimes throw some other random things in there. 
 I have some home tour post I am working on for next week. 
 We bought our house two years ago and were planning on fixing things kind of slowly then one day we just gutted the entire thing down to just load bearing walls. 
So we ended up living with my mom for 9 months while it was put back together enough to be lived in. 
Now we are very, very slowly making everything just how we want it. 
It seems like it is taking forever but hopefully I will some day look back on it and be grateful for the experience but really I wont cause living in a construction zone with four children sucks butt. 
Anyway, so glad that you are all here. 
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower :) Your kids are so cute!

  2. 71 followers, woohoo!!!! I want to get a cool signature but I'm clueless how to do it. Boeing a hubby jack will do a tutorial soon.