Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

Well, I lost two pounds this week.  Not bad, not bad I know.  I am not very excited about it because it I keep loosing these two pounds then gaining them back the next week.  My numbers have been 181 183 181 183 for over a month now...frustrating. 

On a happier note, my feet are still feeling great.  I am loving the new shoes.  And I completed my run today feeling fabulous.  The three minute intervals were nothin' today.  It felt great!  I ran inside on the treadmill today instead of my normal outside run.  I like changing it up sometimes.  A benefit of running on the treadmill is that I can watch my pace, I don't have a pacer. (is that what those watches that track your pace are called?)  Anyway, I have no way of tracking my pace when running outside so I enjoy occasionally running on a treadmill so I can see if I have improved.  Which I have, I ran all of my intervals at 5.8 mph today.  When I started I thought I would die if I ran any faster then 5.4 mph.  Improvement totally motivates me to keep going. 

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