Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday: weigh in day

Well, I am up this week, I can't say I am surprised.  I haven't worked out hardly at all this week.
  It is what it is. 
I weighed int his morning at 174.2, that's right, up 3 pounds. 
I joined a weight loss challenge called the Last Loser Standing and today was our first weigh in.  The last weight loss challenge really helped keep me motivated.  I am hoping this one will do the same.  This challenge is a little different because it isn't based on how much weight you loose just as long as you are losing.  So every week we weigh in and as long as your number hasn't gone up then you are still in the competition.  The last one standing wins.  Pretty cool, huh. 
That is all for today, happy Wednesday!

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