Monday, December 10, 2012

Soccer, swimming, and family

This weekend felt like it was non-stop.  Saturday morning we woke up early, ok, regular time for weekdays but early for a Saturday.  My hubs helped me get some great shots of the kids and I even got a few cute family pictures, with everyone looking and smiling, MIRACLE.  After pictures we had to quickly change into soccer clothes and take off for the 30-40 minute drive across town for the first of two soccer games, the oldest bugger had a game in the morning and the second had one in the afternoon.  And of course they were both at this park that is on the complete other side of town.  So after Will rocked his game we headed to the pool to swim and hang out with cousins until it was time for Jordan's game.  I know, swimming in December!  Crazy, only in Arizona is it a beautiful day at the pool on December 8.  It really was though. 
Jordan's soccer game was so much fun cause Jordy decided to actually play.  She loves soccer but for what ever reason this season she has not been wanting to play in the games, which pretty much sucks since I am the coach so we have to go to the games no matter what.  Anyway, this weekend all for different reasons half of our team wasn't going to make it to the game leaving us very short of players.  So I told her that she was going to have to play some of the game to give the other kids a break and that if she did it with a good attitude I would take her to circle k and let her get two snacks after the game.  What?!  You don't bribe your kids?  Me either, I only do it everyday once in a while.  Anyway, it worked and that girl was AWESOME!  She was all up in the other team taking control of the ball, she even scored a goal.  Amazing!  I'm sure it was a fluke though and next week we will be back to her not playing.  Oh well. 
Saturday night my hubs and the boys, bugger #1 and my nephew, hung Christmas lights on our house.  They look great.  I love having lights up, wish it wasn't so uncool to leave them up all year long but they would probably loose their magic if they were up all year.  Here is a pic of him hanging lights. (don't mind the mess, our house is under construction.  maybe I will get a post up this week with some before and during pics, we haven't achieved after yet)
What? You used a ladder to hang your lights?!  Pfff...
Sunday was a nice relaxing day, we didn't make it to church do to the little two buggers being sickly, yep again.  So we hung out at my moms house letting the cousins play all day.  It really was a very chill day.  I also picked up our Christmas cards, can't wait to send those out, I love Christmas cards.  They make my heart happy. 
I will be back tomorrow with my new workout schedule, I am starting my 10k training this week. Woohoo!

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  1. I wish my husband was more into decorating the house for Christmas. It was like pullling teeth to get him to put up the tree.haha