Monday, December 17, 2012

Our weekend full of Christmas Time

It is officially Christmas time in our house. 
 Jon finally cut down our Christmas tree.
Isn't she a beaut?!

I know, sort of a charlie brown Christmas lookin tree.
You see when we moved into our house a little over a year ago there were two pine trees in the yard.
Now I know some people love pine trees but I don't.
They shed pine needless everywhere plus I am allergic to them, the smell gives me the worst migraines, I take my meds the entire month that we have a Christmas tree.
It is horrible but worth it to my husband for my kids to have a real Christmas tree, I grew up having fake since they have given me migraines since I was 14 but the hubs always had real.
The trees were also in the way of where we are planning on placing a wall next year.
Anyway, he cut our tree down from the yard and when you do this the end product ends up looking like a charlie brown Christmas tree.
It is pretty silly but using it as our Christmas tree makes us feel a little better about cutting down a perfectly good tree.

We decorated tonight and the girls loved it, William could have cared less and the baby fell asleep. 

Putting ornaments on the tree is one of my favorite things.

 I love the memories each one holds. 
 We watched the Muppet's Christmas Carol while decorating, I had never seen this movie before, Jon loves it, I guess his family used to watch it every year so he wanted to pass that tradition on to our kids.
 It's ok, but that spirit of Christmas past is CREEPY, am I the only one who thinks that?

All together it was a fun evening.
Here is the tree all lit up and decorated. I love creating traditions/memories with my family.
Sorry, I could have taken better pics but I was being lazy.
The rest of our weekend was very chill. 
The kids soccer games were canceled due to rain.
That was wonderful, amazing, best news ever a bummer.
My sister and the kids came into town again, I swear I have seen more of them since they supposedly moved to Phoenix then I ever did when they lived here. 
I started my 10k training today, I am excited for my first official run tomorrow, I don't know why 2.5 miles is nothing.
I really just said 2.5 miles is nothing, me, I could hardly walk that a couple months ago, that is amazing!


  1. I love placing ornimates on the tree too! Much for the same reason.
    How awesome that you can now laugh in the face of 2.5 miles?! Way cool. Goodluck on your race!

  2. I love that you recycled the tree, but how awful that you are allergic! Hope it isn't bothering you too much this year!