Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Color Me Rad plus my weigh in

Lets get the weigh in out of the way. 
This morning I weighed in at 170.2 lbs.
So close to the 160's!!

I ran my 2nd race out of my 13 in 2013 races on Sunday, my first was a virtual 5k that I forgot to blog about, sorry.
On Sunday I ran in the Color Me Rad 5k race with my SIL, Melinda, and my friend Diana.
It was a lot of fun!
The weather was perfect for running, it was the perfect amount of cold where you are cold at first but once you start running you feel perfect. 
Not hot or cold.
Ok, I am new to this running thing so I need someone who is experienced to tell me. 
Is it normal for a 5k to actually be 4 miles long?!!
I just wasn't mentally prepared to run four miles, I have done it before but I was going at a little bit of a faster pace so that I could finish the 3.1 miles strong. 
Which I did, I don't know the time cause I didn't think to look I was so focused on the fact that the finish line wasn't even in sight. 
I almost made the whole thing running, I stopped for about 20 feet around mile 3.5.
My running app said that we went 3.98 miles. 
So, is that normal? A 5k being 4 miles?
I may have jumped before I was supposed, what can I say, I was afraid I would miss it.
I am the nerd in the middle.
Other then the distance (we still had a 12:35 min/mile pace not bad for me) the race went really well.
I was a little nervous that the color powder would bug me but it wasn't horrible, the liquid version that they sprayed on us was a little cold though. 
It was a lot of fun, I would recommend giving it a try if you have one in your area.
Be prepared though, a lot of people walk this race so our course was very tight.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. No, a 5k is only supposed to be 3.1 miles.
    They must have mapped the course out wrong or something...
    But yay for doing it!!
    I'm doing a Color Me Rad on April 20th and I can't wait!!

  2. YAY for the this - it looks like a blast...

  3. that looks awesome!! i am planning on doing one in July and i can not wait!! Eek!

  4. I'm doing one in June and I can't wait!! They probably mapped it wrong??

  5. That's definitely note normal! The app may be off just a little. I've ran some that were a little longer, but that is a big difference!! I've been wanting to do the Color Run!