Monday, February 11, 2013

The weekend

I had an awesome birthday weekend, two weekends ago, I know, bad blogger.
I had a great time celebrating with my friends.
We went to dinner at Mongolian BBQ, it was as delicious as I remember.
We had a lot of fun just chatting. 
We went and got some self serve frozen yogurt after dinner, which didn't disappoint.
Photo: Happy Birthday Becca
Two of my best friends and I wanted to do one of those photos where you are in the same pose over time.
 So we picked one from high school and decided to do that pose once every ten years.
 We thought that way we would remember when we are all 40 to take another one.
 Here are the two so far.

I think we were 16
Here we are all 30
 I had a great birthday!

Not much happened last week, possibly why I didn't blog.
This past weekend was also fun.
Another one of my friends was turning 30 so we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
The company was great but I really felt like the food was so so, if I am going to pay $16 for a pasta dish I want it to be good. 
The ice cream was amazing though, maybe due to the fact that all of their ice cream was alcoholic. ;)

Then yesterday I ran the Color Me Rad race.
It was fun, I am going to do another post tomorrow about it since this is already pretty long. 
Thanks for hanging in there.

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  1. Yay, can't wait to hear how you did in the race. I love the idea of posing the same in pictures! Now, I need to pull some of my oldies out! Hope you had a great birthday!!!